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Principles of Economics (8th Edition) – Mankiw – eBook pdf

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  • Author: N. Gregory Mankiw
  • File Size: 28 MB
  • Format: PDF
  • Length: 888 pages
  • Publisher: Cengage Learning; 8th edition
  • Publication Date: January 1, 2017
  • Language: English
  • ASIN: B01N4EZIK5
  • ISBN-10: 1305585127, 1337607738
  • ISBN-13: 9781305585126, 9781337607735



Principles of Economics (8th Edition) – Mankiw – eBook pdf

Provide an approachable, superbly written introduction to economics that allows all types of students to quickly grasp economic concepts and build a strong foundation with Mankiw’s popular Principles Of Economics 8e (PDF). The most widely-used textbook in economics classrooms worldwide, this book covers only the most important principles to avoid overwhelming students with excessive detail. Extensive updates feature relevant examples to engage students. MindTap and Aplia digital course solutions (sold separately) are available to improve college students’ engagement and retention with powerful student-focused resources. Within MindTap, students can use the highly acclaimed Adaptive Test Prep and Graph Builder features. All content has been carefully crafted around understanding college student needs at key moments in your course. A team of award-winning teaching economists have added more engagement, relevance, and interactivity to teaching resources in this etextbook’s ancillary package, already the most commanding in the industry.

“I have used Gregory Mankiw for several years, across at least three or four of its editions. I like the writing in the book — it’s clear and exposits the ideas effectively. It covers topics that I want to cover, mostly in the order that I like to cover them. It is at the appropriate level for our students — not too difficult but not superficial either. I also like the fact that this book is very closely integrated with the Aplia system, which I believe is an important learning tool.”

“Very student-friendly textbook. Makes economics easy to understand. Some of the other texts would take a lot of reading to explain an idea.”

“One of the reasons why we adopted the Mankiw textbook was because of its relevant concepts that our students could really relate to. I would say to continue with this trend, and also be sure to use examples that relate to the current economic conditions that make sense to a beginner economics student.”

NOTE: This sale only includes the ebook the Mankiw, Principles of Economics 8th edition, in PDF. No access codes included.

Principles of Economics (8th Edition) – Mankiw – eBook pdf


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