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Brooker’s Concepts of Genetics (3rd Edition) –eBook PDF

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  • Author: Robert Brooker
  • Includes: Testbank, Solutions Manual
  • Formats: DOC/ZIP
  • Publisher: McGraw-Hill Higher Education; 3rd edition
  • Publication Date: October 17, 2018
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1259879909, 1260386627, 1260386600
  • ISBN-13: 9781259879906, 9781260386622, 9781260386608


Brooker’s Concepts of Genetics (3rd Edition) –eBook PDF

Concepts of Genetics 3e by Robert Brooker is a one-semester introductory genetics textbook that explains genetics concepts in a concise, engaging and up-to-date manner. Rob Brooker, author of market-leading textbooks in Genetics and Intro Biology for majors, brings his accessible and clear writing style to this briefer genetics textbook. He employs the use of experimentation and stresses the fundamentals of the Scientific Method in presenting genetics concepts, then further engages the students through the use of formative assessment to assist the reader in understanding the core genetic principles.

NOTE: This product only includes the testbank and solutions for Concepts of Genetics 3e by Robert Brooker. No access codes or ebook included.

Brooker’s Concepts of Genetics (3rd Edition) –eBook PDF


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